List of emulatable games (freeware)

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This article is a repository of links to homebrew and freeware games that are or will be playable on the FunKey S via emulation. Each supported system has its own section that contains a chart with that console's homebrew software. Currently, the systems supported by the FunKey S are, from oldest to newest: the NES, Master System, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Atari Lynx, Game Gear, SNES, PS1, Game Boy Color, Neo Geo Pocket, and Game Boy Advance. While WonderSwan emulation is also possible on the FunKey, no completed homebrew or freeware games were found for the system. In addition to lists for the currently supported systems, lists for Arcade and TurboGrafx-16 games are present as well due to the confirmation of their eventual emulation on the FunKey S. While these lists have been compiled to include as many games as possible, they are not intended to be comprehensive lists of all unlicensed software available for the aforementioned systems, due to several inclusion criteria. As more systems are made emulatable on the FunKey S, this article will grow to include homebrew game lists for those systems as well.

List contents

Each game on a list has the game's name in the first column and a link to where the game can be downloaded in the second column. For games that are ports of or heavily inspired by another game, the original game will be listed in the "archetype" column, with that game's Wikipedia article linked if available. Games that have physical versions available for purchase are marked with a ¹ symbol. The genre, file size, and box art (if available) will be written in the fourth, fifth, and sixth columns, respectively. As the lists are inspected more thoroughly more data will be added to columns three through six, which are largely empty as of present.

This article currently lists 958 games, divided into the following categories:

Arcade       20
Game Gear     11
NES        162
SNES         27
Master System 90
PlayStation      2
Turbografx-16 14
Game Boy Color 55
Genesis      78
Neo Geo Pocket 18
Game Boy   114
WonderSwan    0
Atari Lynx     66
GBA         301










Arcade (not yet compatible)

This list currently includes 20 games. All were actual arcade games that were later released as free ROM downloads by their developers on the MAME website.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Alien Arena Link
Car Polo Link
Circus Link
Crash Link
Fax Link
Fire One Link
Gridlee Link
Hard Hat Link
Looping Link
Rip Cord Link
Robby Robo Link
Robot Bowl Link
Side Trak Link
Spectar Link
Star Fire Link
Super Tank Link
Targ Link
Teeter Torture Link
Top Gunner Link
Victory Link

Nintendo Entertainment System

This list currently includes 162 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
2048 Link 2048
3-in-1 2P Pak Link
8 BIT XMAS 2009 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2010 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2011 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2012 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2013 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2014 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2015 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2018 Link
8 BIT XMAS 2019¹ Link
Alter Ego Link
Ambushed Link
ArcASM Link
Aspect Star "N" Link
Assimilate¹ Link
Astroid Link Asteroids
Babel Blox Link
Bare Metal Link
Big City Sliding Blaster Link
Black Box Challenge Link
Blade Buster Link
Blickel Link
Block Dude Link
Blob Land Link
Blockage Link
Böbl Link
BombSweeper for NES Link Game & Watch
Bootèe Link
Chase Link
Chicken of the Farm Link
City Trouble Link
Code Master Link
Concentration Room Link
ConTroll Link Snake
Critical Match Link
CYO Link
D-Pad Hero Link
D-Pad Hero 2 Link
Dizzy the Adventurer Link
Double Action Blaster Guys Link
Dreamworld Pogie Link
Driar Link
Dúshlán¹ Link
Elite Link
ET Link
Euchre Link
Falldown Link
Falling Link
Fantastic Dizzy Link
Farming Mushrooms in LOWAS Link Snake
Filthy Kitchen Link
Flappy Bird Link Flappy Bird
Flappy Jack Link
For Points Link
Galaxxon - The Third War Link
Galaxy Patrol Enhanced Link
Gemventure Link
Go! Dizzy Go! Link
Gravedigger Link
Gruniozerca Link
Gruniozerca 2 - The Great Cavy Rescue! Link
Gruniozerca 3 - The Great Cavy Clean-up! Link
GSM Link
HappyNESs Link
I Wanna Flip the Sky Link
Indivisible Link
Invaders Must Die! Link Space Invaders
Inversion Link
Jammin Honey Link
Jet-Paco, Hyper Special Space Agent!¹ Link
Jupiter Scope 2 Link
Lan Master Link
Lawn Mower Link
LJ65 Link
Love Story Link
Lunar Limit Link
Machine Cave¹ Link
Magic Floor Link
Man Hole Link Game & Watch
Meteor Guard Link
Meteor Guard 2 Link
Micro Knight - Revenge of the Four Skulls Link
Micro Knight 4 Link
Midnight Jogger Link
MilioNESy Link
Mine Shaft Link
MultiDude¹ Link
Munchie Attack Link
Mystery World Dizzy Link
Nalleland Link
NES 15 Link
NES Virus Cleaner Link
NESert Bus Link
NESert Golfing Link
NESnake Link Snake
NESnake 2 Link Snake
Ninja Muncher Link
No Points Link
Nomolos: Storming the Catsle Link
Nova the Squirrel Link
Obstacle Trek Link
Panic! Dizzy Link
Pitfall!: the Unofficial Adventure Link
Pong 198X Link Pong
Pong 1K Link Pong
PONG for the NES Link Pong
Protector Link
Pung! Balls of Steel Link
Purple Cape Man Link
Putt Putt Link
Raddio Link
Ralph 4 Link
Retropia Link
RHDE Furniture Fight Link
Rise of Amondus Link
Robo-Ninja Climb Link
robotfindskitten Link
S.T.I.N.G. Link
Saturn Smash Link
Scramble Link
Sgt. Helmet - Training Day Link
Simone Says Link
Simplistic Link
Sir Ababol Remastered Link
Snail Maze Link
Sokoban Link Sokoban
Solar Wars Link
Spacey McRacey Link
Spacey Shooty Link
Star Evil Link
Streemerz Link
Sudoku Link Sudoku
Super Floofy Sheepie Link
Super Homebrew War Link
Super Painter¹ Link
Super Tilt Bro Link
Super UWOL Link
Sweetleaf Link
That's Whack! Link
The Cowlitz Gamers Adventure Link
The Cowlitz Gamers' 2nd Adventure Link
The Invasion Link
The Legends of Owlia Link
The Mad Wizard Link
The Wit.nes Link
Thwaite Link
Tiger Genny Link
Treasure Island Dizzy Link
Twin Dragons¹ Link
Ultimate Frogger Champion Link
Underground Adventure Link
Vigilante Ninja 2 Link
What Remains Link
Wolfling Link
Wonderland Dizzy Link
Wraith Link
Zombie Calavera Prologue Link
Zooming Secretary Link

Sega Master System

This list currently includes 90 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
2048 Link 2048
2048 Link 2048
3D City Link
Acid Reflux Link
AntilSDA Warrior Link
Artillery Master 8k Link
Astro Force Link
Astroswab Link
Baluba Balok Link
Bara Burū Link Bubble Bobble
Battleships Link
Bay Third Dungeon Link
Blockhead Link
Bloki Link
Bock's Birthday 2003 Link
Bock's Birthday 2004 Link
Bock's Birthday 2011 II Link
BOoM Link
Bread and Butter Link
Bread and Butter World Link
Bruce Lee Link
Burgers of Hanoi Link
Candy Kid Link
Cardiac Arrest Link
Casevac Link
Cave Wanderer Link
Chappie's Ears Simon Game Link
Coconut Cake Caper Link
DataStorm Link
Digger Ball Link
Digger Chan Link
Dizzy the Adventurer Link
Draw Poker Link
Fairy Forest Link
Fantastic Dizzy Link
Flight of Pigarus Link
Flip Flap Link Flappy Bird
Galactic Revenge Link
Gaudream Link
Gekioko PunPun Maru Link
Gemitas Link
Go! Dizzy Go! Link
Gotris Link
Gravity Beam: Master Gaiden Link
Grime Z80 Link
Headless Ninja Volley Link
Heroes Against Demons¹ Link
King Kong Link
Knights and Demons Link
KunKun & KonoKun Link
KunKun & KonoKun 2 - Return of the Kun Link
Lander 1 Link
Lander 2 Link
Little Sokoban Link Sokoban
Lost Raider Link
Lucky Penguin Link
Minesweeper Link Minesweeper
Moggy Master Link
Monster Crunch Link
NanoWars 8k Link
Not Enough Time for That Link
ono Link
Panic! Dizzy Link
Picross Link
Platform Explorer Link
Porkpolis Link
Prisonnier II Link
Racer Link
Robbyie Link
robotfindskitten Link
Scope Link
Shooting Stars Link
Silver Valley Link
Simon the Snake Link Snake
SMS Chip 8 Interpreter Link
Snake Link Snake
Soko Master Link
SpaceHawks Link
Sudoku Link Sudoku
Sword Strike Link
Tetracycline Link
The Speccies 2 Link
Versus Link Pong
vg-fighter Link
Video Poker Link
Waimanu Link
Weka Invaders Link
Wing Warriors Link
Zombi Terror Link

TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine (not yet compatible)

This list currently includes 14 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Bug Hunt Link Bug Hunt
Downland Link
Flappy Bird SGX Link Flappy Bird
Insantaty Link
Island Adventure Link
Nanettatte Engine Link
PC-E Shooting Watch Link
Protocade Link
Reflectron Link
Santatlantean Link
Tongueman's Logic Link
Ultimate Rally Club Link
UWOL Quest for Money Link

Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive

This list currently includes 78 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
2048 Link 2048
Airstriker Link
Aventura Link Adventure
Battle City Link
Berzerk Link Berzerk
Beyond Zero Tolerance Link
Break an Egg Link
Bug Hunt Link Bug Hunt
Cat at Crossroad Link
Cave Story Link Cave Story
Chase Link
Chips Challenge MD Link Chip's Challenge
Crazy Cars Link
Crazy Driver Link
Doroppu Link
Double Symbol Link
Error Rush Link
Flappy Bird Link Flappy Bird
Fuwa Fuwa Cotton Candies Link
Gen Poker Link
Glass Breaker MD Link
GLUF¹ Link
Gravity Pig Link
Griel's Quest for the Holy Porrón Link
Headship MD Link
Invasion Link
Ixion Link
Junkbots Link
L'Abbaye des morts¹ Link
Leovigildo's Murcian Conspiracy Link
Liquid Space Dodger Link
Mega Flappy Sis Link Flappy Bird
Mega Q*bert Link
Megamindtris Link
MegaXmas'89 Link
Meka Grappler X Link
Metal Blast 2277¹ Link
Miniball SE Link
Miniplanets Link
Misplaced¹ Link
Octopus Link
Oh Mummy Link
Old Towers¹ Link
Omega Blast Link
Ooga Booga! Link
Parachute Link
Pong RAM Link Pong
Pringles Game Link
Project MD Link
Puzzli Megadrive Link
Rad Rhino Link
Return to Genesis Link
Rick Dangerous Link Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 Link Rick Dangerous 2
Road Wars 2000 Link
Sega CD Resurrection Project Link
SegGala Link
Shrine Maiden Shizuka Link
Spacy Pixy Link
Speed Ball Link
Sumo Slam Link
Super Mario Bros. Link
T-Gun II Link
Tro-Now Link
Tubes Link
Two Cyclops Link
Two Cyclops Fight Link
Uwol - Quest For Money Link
VilQ Link
Virtua Worm Link
Virtua Worm 2 Link
Xump 2 (January 2021)¹ Link
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Link
Zero Tolerance Link
Zombi Terror Link
Zooming Secretary: Going Panic! Link

Game Boy

This list currently includes 114 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
2048gb Link 2048
8 Bitty Games Link
A Fairy Without Wings Link
Adjustris Link Tetris
Airaki!¹ Link
Akaru Hime: The Red Princess Link
Alien Chase Link
Alien Planet Link
Ant Hill Link
Balloon Man Link
Basket Case Boy Link
Biotic Limit Link
Blastah Link
Boxes Link Sokoban
Bubble Factory Link G. & W. (Orig.)
Buggy Troll Minigolf Link
Burn Link
Carazu Link
Circular Canon Link
DAN Laser Link
Dangan GB¹ Link
Dashy no Witch Link
Death Planet¹ Link
Desert Bus Link
DMG Deals Damage¹ Link
Doctor How Link
Dumblin Dungeon Link
Dyna Mate Link
Elemental Fighter Link
Espeto Blast! Link
Espionage Link
FFXI Adventure Link
Final Tankasy Link
Flappy Boy Link Flappy Bird
Flaresquip Link
Fruit Fly. Link
GB Mines Link Minesweeper
GB Rubik's Slide Link
GBSnake Link Snake
Gesusa Hilfe Link
Gunman Clive Link
Guns & Riders¹ Link
Hangman 99 Link
Happy Hedgehog Link
Her Sovereign Virus Link
Hungry Birds Link
Hungry Monster Link
Ichi Ni San Link
Into the Blue¹ Link
Invasion DX Link
Iron Hike Link
Jet Pak DX Link
Last Crown Link
Lazerpong Link Pong
LogX Link
Lumberjack Link
Marcbla 3D Link
Megamania Link
Minesweeper Link Minesweeper
Mona and the Witch's Hat Link
oranges Link
PaZeek Link
Petite Professional GB Link
Ping-Pong Diplomacy Link Pong
PlanetX Link
Poke Mission 97 Link
Popcorn Caravan Link
Pretty Princess Castle Escape Link
Puzz Link
Puzzle Link
PuzzleX Link
Retroid¹ Link Arkanoid
Rex Run Link
Roader GB Link
Ropes & Bombs Link
Rotagraph Link
Run to Databay Link
Run!! Link
Sheep It Up¹ Link
Shield Bouncer Link
Shield Warrior VII Link
Snake Link Snake
Snake for Game Boy Link Snake
Snakebird Link
Sneaky Snakes Link Snake
Sokoban Link Sokoban
Soup Raiders: Jailbreak Link
Soviet Snake Link Snake
Space Invasion Zero Link
Spaceshooter Link
Sqrxz Link
Squishy The Turtle Link
Sticky Hooves In The Temple Of Vel-Cro Link
Super Connard Link
Super Philip Link
Super Princess 2092 Exodus Link
The Bouncing Ball Link
The Faerie Princess Link
The Horrible Demon 2 Link
The Roadhog Frog Link
They Came From Outer Space Link
Tobu Tobu Girl¹ Link
Tower of Hanoi¹ Link
Tuff Link
Turbo RC Racing Link
Turtle Puzzle Link
Ultima III Link
Untitled GB Game Link
Upwell Link
Velcroid Link
Viv and Bob Link
Willy Wonderworm Link
Yar's Revenge Link

Atari Lynx

This list currently includes 66 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
2048 Link 2048
A Bug's Lynx Link
Alien Link
Anti A-Bomb Aircraft Artillery Link
Assembloids Link
Asteroids Chasers Link
Atari Tabletops Collection #1 Link
Battlespace Link
Bezerkoids Link
Biniax Link
C-Gull Link
Catkanoid Link Arkanoid
ChopperX Link
Dice Board Game Link
Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue 2020 Link
Eye of the Beholder Link
Find a way to my heart Link
Fishing for Atari Link
Fission Link
Flappy Bird Link Flappy Bird
Glob Shoot Link
Grime 6502 Link
Growing Ties Link
Jellybeans Link
Jungle Jack Link
Kistenschieben Link
Knight Moves Link
Lawnmower Link
Limny Link
Lynx Quest Link
Lynx Tris Link Tetris
Marble Madness Link
Mines 2 Link Minesweeper
Mortal Kombat Link
MultiPong 1k Link Pong
Nutmeg Link
Nyan Cat Link
On Duty Link
Othello Link Reversi
Peg Solitaire Link
Poker 110 Link
Pong 4 Fun Link Pong
Push Around the World Link
Puzzler 2000 Link
RabbiLynx Link
Raid on TriCity Link
Rapid Racer Link
Scroll of the Time Lords - Lovejoy Prologue Link
Silas Adventure Link
SillySis Link
Sky Raider Link
Solitaire! Link
Stardreamer Link
The Castle of Khon-gis Link
The Grail of the Lava Kingdom Link
Timeloop Link
Tiny Lynx Adventure Link
Traffic Jam Link
Tron 6 Fun Link
Undergrounders Link
Yastuna - The Alchemy of Cubes Link
Yastuna 2 - the Space Incident Link
Xump - The Final Run Link
Xump 2 (January 2021) Link

Sega Game Gear

This list currently includes 12 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Burgers of Hanoi GG Link
Dangerous Demolition Link
Fire Track Link
GG Nibbles Link
Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland¹ Link
Mr. Ultra Link
Mr. Ultra 2 Link
Oranges Link
SpaceHawks Link
Swabby Link
Wing Warriors Link
Zoop 'Em Up Link

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This list currently includes 27 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
16 BIT XMAS 2012 Link
2048 Link 2048
Astrohawk Link
Bioworm Link
BLT Link
Chip's Challenge Link Chip's Challenge
Christmas Craze Link
Classic Kong Link
Daily Ritual Link
DynaMate Link
Frog NES Link
Horizontal Shooter Link
Hysteria Link
Jet Pilot Rising Link
Lotto Link
MazezaM DX Link
Mega Family Bros Link
N-Warp Daisakusen Link
Pacman Link
Rockfall Link
Shoot Link
Skipp & Friends Link
Super Boss Gaiden Link
Super Road Blaster Link
Super Sudoku¹ Link
Tchou 2 Link
Uwol - Quest for Money Link


This list currently includes 2 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Lander Link
The 11th Power Link

Game Boy Color

This list currently includes 55 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Alien Planet Link
Blobz Link
Brickster Link
Burly Link
Burly Bear vs. The Mean Foxes Link
Chunk Out Link
Coffee Drop Link
Columns DX Link
Combat Soccer Link
Crazy Zone Link
Deep Scan Link
Dichotomy Link
Drymouth Link
Escape Obliterizer Deluxe Link
Fatal Flame Link
FGB Link
Final Blade Link
Firegear Link
Frode Link
Frox Link
Geometrix Link
InitialD Link
Infinitron Link
Jumping Jack Link
Keystone Kapers Link
Klondike Link
Mainblow Link
Maze Link
MazezaM Link
Mines Link Minesweeper
Moon Fighter Link
Mr. Dig Link
Pakus Link
Perplex DX Link
Pie Crust Link
PlanetX Link
Proxima Link
Q*Bert Link
Quadrop Link
Scramble Link
Serpent Apocalypse Link
Snake Link Snake
Space Mission DX Link
Stalker Link
Star Heritage Link
The Horrible Demon 3 Link
Tobu Tobu Girl DX Link
Tochi Link
Tridball Link
Tyrian 2000 Link
uCity Link
Ultima III Link
Video Poker Link
Wall Defence Link
Where's My Cake? Link

Neo Geo Pocket

This list currently includes 18 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
Another Day in Hell Link
Asteroids Link Asteroids
Bomberman Link
Columns Link
Diamond Run! Link
Dodger Link
Dynamate Link
Gears of Fate Link
Invader Link
Mines Link Minesweeper
Pacman Link
Plink Link
Puzzle Gems Link
SODChess Link
Solitaire Link
Snake Link Snake
Space Invaders Link Space Invaders
Thieves Link


No homebrew or freeware games matching the specified criteria have been found for the Bandai WonderSwan or WonderSwan Color.

Game Boy Advance

This list currently includes 301 games.

Name of Game Link Archetype Genre File Size Game Art
1942 Link 1942
15-Puzzle Link Sliding puzzle
2004Mbit Compo Game Link
3 Weeks in Paradise Link
A Werewolf Tale Link
Ace Link
AGB Hack Link Hack
AGB Rogue Link Rogue
AGB Trek Link
Agent GBA Link
Air Hockey Link
Air Wing Assault Link
Airball GBA Link Airball
Aladdin Link Disney's Aladdin
Alpha Wing Link
Anarkoid Link Arkanoid
Android 2 Advance Link
Androides Link
Anguna Link
Another World GBA Link
Apydia Link Apydia
Arkanorb Link Arkanoid
Asteroids Link Asteroids
Asteroids 2 Link Asteroids
Astrohawk Advance Link
Atomix Link Atomix
Attack... On Outer Space! Link
Awale Link Awale
Balanced Diet Link
Balle Link Breakout
Balls of Pengu Link
Bananas Link
BASICMinesweeper Link Minesweeper
Battle Picross Link
BattleShips Link
Bauble Break Link Puzzle Bobble
Beer Belly Bill Link G. & W. (Orig.)
Beer Belly Bill 2 - Morning Shift Link G. & W. (Orig.)
Beer Belly Bill 3 - Grillieren Link G. & W. (Orig.)
Beerjeweled Link Bejeweled
Beru Link
Berzerk Link Berzerk
Billy Box Link
BlaBla Link
Blackout Advance Link
Blast Arena Advance Link
Blocktrap Link
BlodRunner Link
Blowhole Link
Blues Brothers Link
Bobble Tris Link Tetris
Bomber Royale Link
BombJack Link
Brainy Mastermind Link Mastermind
Breakout Link Breakout
Bridge Racer Link G. & W. (Orig.)
Broken Circle Link
Bubble Blow Link Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble Link Bubble Bobble
BulletGBA Link
Bust A Move GBA Link Puzzle Bobble
Bytes Link
Carbie Link
Castle Master Link
Cauldron Link
Celeste (incomplete) Link Celeste
Celeste Classic Link Celeste
Chaos Link
Chaos - The Battle of Wizards Link
Chip Advance Link
Christmas Advance Link
City Connection Link City Connection
CLAC Q One Link
Clay Shooter Link
Clean Game Advance Link
Clem The Retarded Elf 2 Link
Codename Hacker Link
Collision Course Link
Combat Link
Crazy Racer 3D Link
Crosswise Link
Croutons Link Tetris
Cruising on Broadway Link
Crystal Clear Clone Link
Cyclone Link
Daleks Link
Dangerous Xmas Link
Decadrop Link
Defender Link
Deflektor GBA Link
Deluxe Miner Link Minesweeper
Diamond Mine Link
Doomdarks Revenge Link
Dr. Sudoku Advance Link
Dunjunz Link
El-Hazard Link
Element of Darkness Link
Elevator Link
Eliminator Link
Elite - The New Kind Link Elite
Entombed Link
Factory Bots Link
Fill It Up Link
Flappy Bird Link Flappy Bird
Flood Link
Formula Four Link
Fred Firefighter Link
Frogger Link Frogger
Frosty Paint Link
FruitLand Link
Fuerza Arena Link
Gadgets Link
Galaxy Invader 1000 Link Fire Away
GBA Xor Link
GBAHearts Link Hearts
GBAtris Link Tetris
GEMini Link
Ghosts'n Goblins Advance Link
Gleam Link
Goldrunner Link
Goodboy Advance Link
Gorillas Advance Link
Gravity Ball Advance Link
Green Invaders Link
Gridlock Link
Gwatman Link
Hazard Ball Link
Hearts Link Hearts
Hergs Solitaire Link Solitaire
HexaGBA Link
Hexavirus GBA Link
Holy Hell Link
HotelHaut Link Reversi
Inwaders Link Space Invaders
Iso-snake Link Snake
Jetpack 2 Link
Jomo Link
Jumping Barnabe Link
Just Another Invaders Game Link Space Invaders
Kara Kara Cubes Link
Kawaii Bakemono Link
Kerniggle Link
Labyrinth Link
Lemmings Link
Llama Boost Link
Loc-O-Mania Link
LOCKJAW - The Overdose Link Tetris
Lode Runner Link Lode Runner
Loop the Loop Link
Looped Link
Luigi MasterMind Link Mastermind
Luminous Link Lumines
LvR Link
M-Adventure Link
Maelstrom Link
Magic Floor Link
Malermeister Link
Mario Balls 2005 Link
Matrix Runner Link
Maya Mystery Link
MazezaM Challenge GBA Link
Mediaevel Quest Link
Megatroid Link
Memory Muncha Link
Mercury Storm Link
Metal Warrior 4 Link
Microshooter Link
Milos Quest Link
Money Match Link
Mooncat's Trio Link
Moonquake Advance Link
Mortal Konsole: Pong Edition Link Pong
Motocross Challenge Link
Motus Advance Link
My Robot Link
Nebulus GBA Link Nebulus
Negative Space Link
Nightmare Park Link
NineToNine Link
Ninja Sack Link
Oil's Well Link
Oleminant Link
Operation Snow Link
Othello Link Reversi
Pacoman Link Pac-Man
Ping-Pong Diplomacy Advance Link Pong
PLBM Games Arcade Fun Pack #1 Link
Pnakys Link
Pocket Commander Link
Pocket Commander 2 Link
Pocket Raider Link
Pocket Raider 2 Link
Polyominoes Link
Pong Fighter Link Pong
Pong GBA Link Pong
Poomania Link
Pop! Link
Powder GBA¹ Link
Powerpig GBA Link
Professor Sinister and his Marauding Mechanicals Link
PTC Link
Push-It Link
Puzzle Dungeon Advance Link
Pyramid Solitaire Link
Rainbow Islands Link
Reaxion Link
Retro Run Link
Retro Virus Link
Reversi Advance Link Reversi
Rick Dangerous GBA Link Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 GBA Link Rick Dangerous 2
Roader Link
Rockford Link Rockford
Rotris Link Tetris
S World 3 Link
Santa Escapes the Labyrinth Link
Santa's Chimney Challenge Link
Scanboy Link
Scrum Link
Scrybble Link
Serp Link
SFCave Link
Sha-Shlik Link
Shapes GBA Link Bejewled
Shogi Advanced Link Shogi
Simon Advance Link Simon
Six Pack Man Link
Skeet Shoot Link
Skool Daze Link
Snake Advance Link Snake
Snake in the Grass Link Snake
Sokoban Link Sokoban
Sorcery Link
Space Commander Pac-Man Link Missile Command
Space Invaders 2600 Link Space Invaders
Space Invaders GBA Link Space Invaders
Space Loonies Link
Space Runner Link
Space Twins Link
Spout Link
Sputter Dash Link
Squeek Link
Star Fortress Dendron Link
Starshot Link
Street Racing GBA Link
Sudoku Micro Link Sudoku
Super Block Jump Link
Super Gem Smash Advance Link
Super Mario: The Last GBA Quest Link
Super Master Mind Link Mastermind
Super Star Shooter Advance Link
SuperWings Link
Sushi the Cat Link
Swallow Gulch Link
Tank Commander Link Battlezone
Tank Zone Link
Tetravex Link
Tetrigram Link
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Link
The Christmas Turkey Link
The Endless Tower Link
The Horrible Demon Advance Link
The Last Seal Link
The Lords of Midnight Link
The Mojo Collection Link
The Nomad 2: Trapped Link
The Old Well Link
The Search for Shadow Link
Thing PONG Link Pong
Tile It Link
Tokkun Advance Link
Top-Ping Link
Torben's Marvellous Adventure Link
Touch Link
Trade Winds Link
Trailblazer Advance Link
TriPlay Link
Tris Fighter Link Tetris
Trix Link Qix
Uranus Link
Uranus 2 Link
Uranus Zero Link
Uranus Zero EV Link
Viracide Link
Vitamins Link Dr. Mario
Vulkanon Link
Waimanu¹ Link
Wing Runner Link
Wonderboy Link
Wonkie Guy Link
Wordwise Link
World Reborn Link
Xmas Crazy Shift Link
Xor Link XOR
Yahtzee Link Yahtzee
Yam's Advance Link Yahtzee