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This article lists third-party OPK-format applications built for the FunKey S. Freely downloadable from this page, these applications allow users to add additional functionalities to their devices. Once downloaded, these files are placed in any folder at the root of the device's file system, with the Applications, Emulators, and Native games folders available by default for file management. The application can subsequently be accessed from the Gmenu2x launcher, where it is sorted automatically by its type: application, emulator, or game. As the device's Instant Action autosave feature is implemented on a program-by-program basis, users must remember to manually save their progress in any third-party program that hasn't implemented Instant Action. Also note that while many devices use OPK as an application format, only OPK applications compiled specifically for the FunKey S are compatible with it.

Should you wish to build or modify OPK applications yourself, you may download a version of SquashFS configured for editing OPK applications on Windows here. After extracting the SquashFS folder from its ZIP archive, add the OPK file that you wish to edit to the folder and double-click the 1. EXTRACT_OPK.bat file. This will create a folder called squashfs-root, containing files for the application's configuration settings, icon image, and binary data. Unless you have prior experience configuring OPK applications, however, it is recommended that you only modify the icon file, a 32-pixel square PNG format image file that represents the application in Gmenu2x. In doing so, ensure that the replacement icon file is also a 32-pixel square image, in PNG format, and named exactly as the original file was (icon.png is replaced with icon.png). Once you have finished modifying the application, return to the SquashFS folder and double-click the 2. MAKE_OPK.bat file, which will apply your modifications to the submitted OPK file. After several windows pop up and disappear, your application will be modified and ready to be returned to your FunKey S. Note that if there are multiple applications that you wish to modify, you must do so one at a time. For additional instructions on how to use SquashFS to modify or build OPK applications, it is recommended that you join the FunKey Community Discord Server.


The following applications are any programs for the FunKey S that are neither emulators nor games. Alongside each application is listed a general description of it.

Name Description Author(s) / Compiler(s) Repository OPK
Clock Used to set the system's time for RTC functionality. Gameblabla Link Download
EasyRPG Interprets games made with RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. Link Download
KeyKalc Graphing calculator program. Robbi Blechdose Link Download
MPlayer Enables video playback in both original and stretched aspect ratios. NovemberJoy Download
ST Linux terminal program. Michel (FunKey Team) Download


The following emulators add to the capabilities of the FunKey S by allowing emulation of several currently unsupported systems and improved emulation of several currently supported systems. To give users a sense of how well these emulators function, each is rated from low to high for both overall emulation accuracy and speed. To improve the CPS2 emulation of SDL Retro, this configuration file should be placed in the /mnt/FunKey/.sdlretro/cfg location of the FunKey S file system. For PC-FX emulation, a PC-FX BIOS file must be placed in the /mnt/Funkey/.pcfxemu location of the FunKey S file system.

If you don't see the .sdlretro or .pcfxemu folders, your computer's Unix-based operating system is hiding hidden folders. To enable the viewing of such folders on MacOS, use the Shift+Cmd+Period key combination. To do so on ChromeOS, click the three-dot icon at the top-right of the Files application and select the Show hidden folders option.

Name Emulator Accuracy Speed In-Game Save File Format Author(s) / Compiler(s) Repository OPK
System Core
Fake 08 Pico-8 Medium High N/A Gameblabla Link Download
Final Burn Alpha Multiple DrUm78 Link Download
Gambatte GB High SAV Link Download
Gnash Adobe Flash Medium Low N/A Gameblabla Link Download
LameDS DS Link Download
MAME Multiple High N/A DrUm78 Link Download
Mednafen NES SAV Download
PCFXEmu PC-FX High Low Gameblabla Link Download
PCSX ReARMed Ultimate PlayStation High MCD Drum78
Link Download
PiEMU Aquaplus P/ECE N/A Gameblabla Link Download
PokeMini Pokemon Mini Link Download
SDL Retro Atari 2600 Medium N/A Coverilla
Link Download
Atari 800
Atari Lynx
Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon
FBA (Multiple) N/A
Game & Watch N/A
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Gambatte SAV
Game Gear Genesis Plus GX
VBA Next
MAME (Multiple) N/A
Master System Genesis Plus GX SAV
Pico-8 N/A
Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Genesis Plus GX
ZX Spectrum
SMS Plus GX ColecoVision High Gameblabla Link Download
Game Gear SAV
Master System
SwanEmu WonderSwan EPS Link Download
VBA Next GBA Medium Link Download
VBEmu Virtual Boy High Link Download
VICE Commodore 64 LordEnum Download


The following applications are freeware games that have either been ported to or natively developed for the FunKey S. To facilitate list navigation and game selection, alongside each game is listed its genre. To play the OPK ports of commercial games, one or more additional files containing necessary copyrighted assets must be provided by the user from their own legally acquired copy of the game. The data files of such games should be grouped together in a folder located at that game's listed file location. Games requiring several of a specified file type to run have an asterisk placed after the applicable file types(s). While Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom only require a single WAD file each, they can be modified with additional WAD files located in the same folder as the main WAD file. While Quake technically only requires its PAK0.PAK file to launch, to access the full game, its PAK1.PAK file is required as well.

If you don't see the .local folder, or the .cannonball or .ecwolf folders disappear upon creation, your computer's Unix-based operating system is hiding hidden folders. To enable the viewing of such folders on MacOS, use the Shift+Cmd+Period key combination. To do so on ChromeOS, click the three-dot icon at the top-right of the Files application and select the Show hidden folders option.

Name Genre Author(s) / Compiler(s) Repository Data Files Folder OPK
Bibi Arcade Vincent (FunKey Team) Link N/A Download
Cannonball Driving DrUm78 Link Out Run Arcade Rev. B ROM files /Funkey/.cannonball Download
Divi-Dead Visual Novel Link DL1*
Any Download
PrBoom Doom FPS Coverilla
Link WAD Download
Doom II
Final Doom
Ganbare-Natuskian Platformer Gameblabla Link N/A Download
Heboris Puzzle Link Download
Quake FPS LordEnum Link PAK0.PAK
Any Download
ScummVM SCUMM engine games Various Link Game's data files
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Platformer Gameblabla Link N/A Download
Supertuxkart Racing Link Download
VVVVVV Platformer Jack Link /FunKey/.local/share/VVVVVV Download
Wolfenstein 3D FPS Link WL6* /FunKey/.ecwolf Download
Worship Vector Tower Defense Gameblabla Link N/A Download