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In creating and improving this wiki, my goal has always been to increase the availability of information regarding the FunKey S and emulation resources in general. At first this was simply to have a place to put the lists of homebrew games I had compiled for various retro systems to help fellow FunKey S backers bolster their game libraries as I have. Once that section of the wiki had been finished, however, other ideas I had to improve access to information for current and future backers led me to write other lists, articles, and an extensive FAQ to answer as many questions as I could think of. After several episodes of What's up, FunKey? were released, I also had the idea of creating a news archive to list summaries of each episode, an archive of news articles about the FunKey S, and videos about the device by the FunKey Team and others, all to improve access to information about the device from a variety of sources. In seeing articles about the device, however, I thought that perhaps I could write articles of my own about aspects of the device, such as reviews for accessories and homebrew games, summaries of significant wiki updates, and my thoughts on future revisions to the FunKey-OS. As it is my intention to keep the wiki proper strictly factual and free of the opinions of editors, I have decided to enable a wiki blogging extension to have a dedicated place to write such posts. While I intend to maintain my focus on creating and updating pages prior to and soon after the shipment of the FunKey S to add information that is currently missing, once significant progress has been made on that front, I intend to use this space to write reviews about the device itself, accessories I believe work well with it, and homebrew games I have put onto my own game list. While the fact that these blog posts will contain my opinions means that they should be considered separate from the factual articles and lists of the wiki, I hope that they will be informative to other users and help them decide whether or not the FunKey S and my personal selection of accessories and homebrew games for it are right for them.

Thanks for reading, -Coolie

P.S. As blog creation on the wiki is a assignable user right, if you are interested in writing blog posts of your own on the wiki, create a wiki account and let me know on the FunKey S Discord server, where we can discuss any conditions I may have. Depending on the popularity and number of blogs on the wiki, I may in the future create another wiki page to list available blogs and link to the most recent blog posts.

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