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alt:Image showing a blue bin filled with palettes of Atomic Purple FunKey S devices.
alt:Image showing a cardboard box filled with dozens of packaged Atomic Purple FunKey S devices.

Hello everybody! It's been a while since our last update, so it's time to freshen things up! We'd like to start by thanking the several artists in the FunKey community who have created new RetroFE themes! Many such themes have been popping up on the community Discord server in the past weeks, and we think that they're incredible! We often see the amazing mixture of collaboration, assistance, and third-party support that occurs there, so keep it coming! 💪 The subject many of you have been waiting for us to discuss is production and shipping, which we're glad to say is going great! With 300 devices being manufactured daily, we will soon be ready to announce the shipment window for this production batch. As the majority of the messages we have received in the past weeks have concerned the shipment of these devices, we would like to thank you for patience and understanding as production of this batch nears its conclusion. Lastly, while our Crystal Blue FunKey S giveaway ended with the announcement of the three winners on our Instagram page, we've been glad to see the community's positive reaction to the color! While we have yet to come to a decision regarding whether or not to add it to our store page, the color's popularity certainly motivates us to do so! That's all the announcements we have for today, so have a great weekend and take care!