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The FunKey Community Discord Server is a community-operated discussion forum for the FunKey S. Managed by Reno since its foundation after the launch of the FunKey S Kickstarter campaign in July 2020, the server exists as a platform for people to discuss and share their opinions about the FunKey S. While FunKey Team members can be identified by their FunKey Team Member titles, their presence is first and foremost to answer questions posed by the community, as they are involved in neither the management nor moderation of the server. While the server does maintain and enforce rules in the interests of preventing the distribution of pirated content and fostering a safe and open community, users are free to discuss any thoughts they have about the FunKey S, whether positive or negative. Now counting over 1,500 members, the server has facilitated third-party FunKey S project collaboration, leading to the creation of additional launcher themes and applications. As a means of encouraging further community participation and discussion, events such as community polls and community speedruns are held. If you are interested in joining the FunKey Community Discord Server, you may do so using the following invite link. Questions about the server may be posed on this page's talk page.