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This article lists utility programs that can be emulated on the FunKey S. Utilities are currently divided into five categories: Creative, Emulation, Media, Text, and Other. Creative utilities include drawing programs and music-making programs; emulation utilities allow the user to emulate a system not natively emulated on the FunKey S using a system that is; media utilities include photo viewers, music players, and video players; text utilities include text display software, eBook readers, and text editors; and other includes any utilities that cannot be categorized using one of the primary categories. There are currently 34 utilities listed, comprising 7 Creative utilities, 9 Emulation utilities, 8 Media utilities, 5 Text utilities, and 5 Other utilities. There are also 19 public domain eBooks listed in either (or both) Game Boy or Game Boy Advance ROM format. As the Game Boy Advance utilities highlighted in yellow are not emulated accurately in the default FunKey S GBA emulator, they should be used with one a third-party emulator instead.

Books[edit | edit source]

Name GB GBA Icon
A Christmas Carol Link
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Link Link
Around the World in 80 Days Link Link
Castle of Otranto Link
Lolita Link Link
Robinson Crusoe Link Link
Tarzan of the Apes Link
The 39 Steps Link
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Link Link
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Link Link
The Bible (King James version) Link
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Link
The Lost World Link
The Mysterious Island Link Link
The Secret Garden Link Link
The Underground City Link Link
Theatre of Cruelty Link
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Link Link
War of the Worlds Link Link

Creative[edit | edit source]

Name Link Utility System Notes Icon
BetterPaintBoy Link Drawing program Game Boy
Lab Sound Link Music program GBA
Little Sound DJ Link Music program Game Boy
NES BG Editor Link Drawing program NES
NesPaint Link Drawing program NES
Paint or Draw Link Drawing program NES
PSXPaint Link Drawing program PS1

Emulation[edit | edit source]

Name Link Emulated System Host System Notes Icon
Cologne Link ColecoVision GBA
DrChip 8 Link Chip-8 GBA
MSXAdvance Link MSX GBA
PocketBeeb Link BBC Micro GBA
Spectrum Link ZX Spectrum PS1
TI83 Emu Link TI-83 GBA
X Millennium Advance Link Sharp X1 Turbo GBA
ZXAdvance Link ZX Spectrum GBA

Media[edit | edit source]

Name Link Utility Format System Notes Icon
GBA Jpeg Viewer Link Image viewer .JPEG GBA
GBA Slide-Show Link Slideshow viewer N/A GBA
GSM Player for GBA Link Music player .GSM GBA
Meteo Link Video player .AVI GBA
Music Player Advance Link Music player .MPA GBA
SlideAdvance Link Slideshow viewer N/A GBA
SlideShow Builder Link Slideshow viewer N/A GBA
VMP Link Music player .MOD GBA

Text[edit | edit source]

Name Link Utility Format System Notes Icon
Dan Cotter's eBook Advance Link Text reader .TXT GBA
GameBoy Book Reader Link Text reader .TXT Game Boy
GameBoy Book Reader Link Text reader .TXT GBA
GBA Notepad Link Text editor N/A GBA
SCDBook Link Text reader .TXT Genesis (CD)

Other[edit | edit source]

Name Link Utility System Notes Icon
Calculator Link Calculator GBA
Calculator Advance Link Calculator GBA
Clock Link Clock NES
GBA Scrabble Dictionary App Link Scrabble Dictionary GBA
StopWatch Version 1 Link Stopwatch GB