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The Suggestion Center lists user suggestions of emulators, games, and utilities that could be ported to or developed for the FunKey S.

If you have a suggestion that has not been listed here or wish to discuss your support or opposition to a listed suggestion, you may do so by typing in the text box below and selecting the "New section" button. This will automatically create a new section on this page's talk page, in which you may further specify your suggestion. When you are finished entering the details of your suggestion, select the "Save changes" button below the input field. If you wish to be notified if your suggestion receives a reply, you are encouraged to first log in and subsequently sign your post with ~~~~.

Alternatively, you may also submit FunKey S suggestions to the FunKey Team via email or the FunKey Community Discord Server.

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Suggestion criteria[edit | edit source]

For a suggestion to be considered for implementation on the FunKey S, it must:

  • Not involve the modification of the FunKey S hardware.
  • Not involve the infringement of copyrighted and/or trademarked content.
  • Be within the realm of reason of the hardware limitations of the FunKey S.

All suggestion tables have a status column to indicate the level of progress made on each suggestion. A blank cell indicates no reported progress, a red cell indicates that the suggestion is not currently feasible, an orange cell indicates that the suggestion has not been implemented for a specific reason, a yellow cell indicates that the suggestion is currently in the process of being implemented, a light green cell indicates that the feature has been implemented by a third-party developer, and a dark green cell indicates that the feature has been integrated by the FunKey Team into FunKey-OS.

Note that a suggestion having a blank status cell does not indicate that it can or will be implemented, only that it has been suggested by a FunKey S user. Suggestions that would require the modification of the FunKey S hardware will be listed in the last section of this article, as while they cannot be added to the FunKey S, they could be implemented in future devices created by the FunKey Team.

System feature requests[edit | edit source]

Implemented[edit | edit source]

FunKey-OS V1.1[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Ability to use the FN button as SELECT - Ability to access the SELECT button more quickly
- Compatability with games with SELECT button combinations
Implemented; the FN button is now configured as SELECT when not combined with another button
TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine emulation - Additional functionality Implemented

FunKey-OS V2.0[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Gmenu2x launcher - Additional functionality Implemented
Ability to take screenshots - Additional functionality Implemented
Ability to adjust palette of Game Boy games - Gives players additional gameplay options Implemented

FunKey-OS V2.1[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Ability to change default aspect ratio - Reduces the need to adjust settings prior to gameplay Implemented
Commander file explorer - Additional functionality Implemented

FunKey-OS V2.2[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Ability to adjust button mapping - Improves game compatibility and configurability Implemented
Implements ZIP file support for additional emulators - Allows for additional game library compression Implemented

FunKey-OS V2.3[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Ability to add new RetroFE themes - Additional personalization capabilities Implemented
Official Sega 32X and Sega CD support - Additional functionality Implemented

Under consideration[edit | edit source]

Emulation settings[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Ability to use cheats in games - Gives players additional gameplay options
- Allows the enabling of otherwise unobtainable features in several games
Option to enable turbo buttons - Gives players additional gameplay options
Option to adjust emulation speed settings for certain systems - Allows players to speed up gameplay to better suit their preferences
Pixel-perfect zoom option - Option to play zoomed-out at original resolutions for systems with resolutions below the FunKey's 240x240
Ability to swap controller from Port 1 to Port 2 on applicable systems - Allows for increased combability with games that support two-player asynchronous multiplayer

System adjustment[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Benefit(s) Status
Option to put games in folders - Facilitates software navigation and management
Ability to set and display system time using the RTC - Provides convenient access to a clock
- Could be used by third-party software to determine the current time
Option to disable emulators in RetroFE - Reduces clutter of unused emulators
Option to view most recently played games and favorited games at the start of a system's game list - Allows for easier sorting and navigation of games

Software requests[edit | edit source]

Emulators[edit | edit source]

System ≤14 buttons? Suggested emulator Status
Arcade Yes FBANeo In progress
Arduboy Yes
Atari 2600 Yes
Atari Jaguar No
Commodore 64 No
Game & Watch Yes
Neo Geo Yes FBANeo
Nintendo 64 No
Nintendo DS No Drastic (if open sourced)
Pico-8 Yes
Pokémon Mini Yes
ZX Spectrum No

Games[edit | edit source]

Game Emulatable homebrew example Positive elements of example compared to others Suggested improvements compared to example Status
2048 Link - Music
- Saves high score
- UI that fills screen
- Choice between several styles
Air Hockey Link - Music - Main menu
- Difficulty levels
- Horizontal or vertical orientation
- More responsive controls
- Faster loading
- Choice between several styles
- Option to adjust maximum puck speed
Chess Link - Local pass-and-play multiplayer support - Higher maximum Elo rating
- Faster moves
- Option to play in 3D or 2D
- Different chess board and piece styles
- Option to enable timer
- Addition of checkers mode
Minesweeper Link - Adjustable field size and mine count
- Large squares that are easier to see on small displays
- Default preset combinations for field size and mine count
- Increase limits for maximum field size and mine count
- Add ability to save custom combinations as additional presets
- Option to choose between cursor-based movement where directional buttons are held down to go multiple squares at a time and grid-based movement where directional buttons are pressed each time the player wishes to move
- Implement zoom option to have more or less of the grid visible on screen at once
Picross Link - More levels
- Time attack rather than time limit
- Ability to import additional levels
- Implement zoom option to either have entire puzzle on-screen or a portion of it that can be scrolled by the user
Reversi Link - Color choice
- Difficulty levels
- Local pass-and-play multiplayer support
- More difficulty levels
- Different board and piece styles
Solitaire Link - Significant game variety
- Option to adjust pointer speed
- Option to display game rules
- Option to change background color
- Option to display win and loss statistics
- Difficulty level selection
- Increase variety to include more Solitaire variants and non-Solitaire games
- Different card style options
- Increased background style variety
- Option to switch between pointer-based controls and grid-based controls
Sudoku Link - Board themes - Different difficulty levels
- More boards
- Alternative options for number selection
- Additional sudoku board types (4x4, Diagonal, Irregular, etc.)

Utilities[edit | edit source]

Utility Suggested features Comparable software Status
Music Player - Support for MP3 and WAV file formats
- Cover flow for folders and individual tracks in system menu
- Shuffle play option
- Display of current time stamp out of total audio length
Video Player - Support for MP4, MOV, AVI, and/or MKV file formats
- Cover flow for folders and individual videos in system menu
- Support of scale, crop, and stretch aspect ratio options
- Fast-forward and rewind options
- Toggleable display of current time stamp out of total video length
eBook Reader - Support for ePub and TXT file formats
- Options for different fonts and font sizes
- Option to change text and background colors
- Support of chapters and bookmarks
Clock - Option to choose between 12 and 24-hour formats
- Difference clock faces
- Inclusion of timer functionality
- Inclusion of alarm functionality
Calculator - Algebra capabilities
- Graphing capabilities
Random number generator - Configurable to appear in a variety of styles
- Option to choose the range of numbers
Scrabble dictionary - Option to select language
- Ability to add additional words to the list of valid words
Flashlight - Option to adjust screen brightness
- Option to change display color

Hardware modification suggestions for future devices[edit | edit source]

Suggestion Alternative(s) Benefit(s) Status
Implementation of Micro-USB audio output - Headphone jack - Ability to use headphones and speakers Would require hardware modifications that are infeasible with the current design due to space constraints
- 2.5mm jack
- Micro-HDMI
Implementation of Micro-USB video output - Ability to output video to external display
Addition of Bluetooth receiver - Compatibility with Micro-USB bluetooth input - Ability to connect bluetooth headphones, speakers, and controllers
Use of USB-C rather than Micro-USB - A more common connector that would reduce the need to keep several types of cables