List of FunKey S compatible keychain accessories/fr

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List of FunKey S compatible keychain accessories/fr

Cet article répertorie divers produits existants qui peuvent être utilisés avec la FunKey S à des fins diverses. Veuillez noter que, comme les renseignements sur la majorité des produits énumérés proviennent du site Web Amazon des États-Unis, certains produits peuvent ne pas être disponibles sur d’autres marchés.

Inclusion criteria

To be included on this page, accessories must:

  • Be small and light enough to be easily kept on a keychain. Accessories that are able to be put onto a keychain but are too large to easily fit into a pocket with several other things on that keychain are excluded. In the case of pouches, they must be small enough to fit the FunKey S with minimal gaps. For the purposes of this list, the weight limit of any single accessory is seven ounces and the size limit for pouches is three inches for the height and length and one and a half inches for the width. If an accessory is capable of carrying or supports non-FunKey S compatible products, this functionality should not substantially increase the size of the accessory beyond what can be used for the FunKey S. These requirements both reduce the scope of the lists to a reasonable number of products and ensure that the items on these lists are in line with the FunKey's keychain aesthetic.
  • Have at least a three-star average from at least ten ratings, if ratings are available. This ensures that the majority of listed products are of acceptable quality.
  • Be available from a reputable seller on a secure website. This ensures that users buying products from the linked-to listings will receive their product without needing to worry about stolen money or data.
  • Not be sold in a set with non-FunKey S compatible products. Products that are sold in sets are excluded to both limit the scope of this article and focus solely on FunKey S compatible products.
  • Be officially licensed video game properties if in the keychain decorations section. This is to ensure the quality and commercial legality of all such products.

To reduce redundancy, products that appear to be exact duplicates (aside from the branding on them) will be filtered based on ratings and price to pick the most optimal version of that product. Note that while the editors have compiled this list carefully to only include reputable products that meet the listed criteria, it is up to the user to ensure that a product meets their needs before purchasing it.




Name/Link Image Rating Price Count
ARTEK Adapter 4/5 stars $5.99 2


Name/Link Image Rating Price Count
JSAUX Adapter 4.5/5 stars $8.99 4
QianLink Adapter $6.99


USB-A to Micro-USB

Name/Link Image Rating Price
CableKit 4.5/5 stars $14.95
inCharge 6 $19.99
inCharge All in One Cable 3.5/5 stars $13.90
inCharge Dual 2in1 Cable 4/5 stars $12.99
inCharge X 5/5 stars $29.00
Magnavox MMA3505 Keychain N/A $5.99
PowerCord Go 4/5 stars $9.99
WeeLink 4.5/5 stars $14.99


Name/Link Image Rating Price Dimensions
3D Printable FunKey S Case N/A Free
(3D printer and filament required)
Cm 5.68 x 6.76 x 2.63
In 2.23 x 2.66 x 1.03
CASEBUDi Tough Travel Case for Apple AirPods 4.5/5 stars $12.99 Cm 6.4 x 5.7 x 2.8
In 2.5 x 2.25 x 1.12
eZAKKA Earphone Carrying Case 4/5 stars $9.99 Cm 7.6 x 7.6 x 3
In 3 x 3 x 1.2
Katloo Earbud Case 4.5/5 stars $8.49 Cm 7.5 x 6 x 3.7
In 2.94 x 2.35 x 1.45
KEVKEEK AirPod Case 4/5 stars $17.99 Cm 6.1 x 6.1 x 3.2
In 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.25
MoKo AirPods Case 4.5/5 stars $8.99 Cm 5.6 x 5.6 x 2.9
In 2.2 x 2.2 x 1.15
MRPLUM Earbud Carrying Case $11.89 Cm 6.9 x 5.8 x 2.3
In 2.7 x 2.3 x 0.9

Detachable keychain holders


Name/Link Image Rating Price
Highlandhawker Quick Release Connect Detachable Keychain Magnet 4.5/5 stars $18.95
KeySmart MagConnect $11.99
Nite Ize MSBL-09-R7 Carabiner $14.99


Name/Link Image Rating Price
Interstate Pneumatics Y90KR Quick Coupler Key Chain 4.5/5 stars $6.24
Python-QR Titanium Quick Release Keychain Clip 4/5 stars $36.95
Rongbo 2 Pack Quick Release Detachable Pull Apart Key Rings 4.5/5 stars $5.99

Power banks

Small (max l/h 2.75in, max width 0.5in)

Name/Link Image Rating Price Output Capacity
FlexCard N/A $29.99 Cord required 2600 mAh
Heart Charger 3.5/5 stars $15.14 900 mAh
Tau Keychain Power Bank 4.5/5 stars $29.00 Micro-USB and USB-C and Lightning 1600 mAh

Medium (max l/h 4.5in, max width 1in)

Name/Link Image Rating Price Output Capacity
PowerStation Reserve 3.5/5 stars $9.99 Micro-USB 1000 mAh
myCharge Adventure H20 3350mAh 4.5/5 stars $24.99 Cord required 3350 mAh
myCharge Adventure H20 6700mAh $39.99 6700 mAh
myCharge Adventure H20 10050mAh $49.99 10500 mAh
T-CORE Power Bank $39.99 10000 mAh

Large (max l/h 5.5in, max width 1.5in)

Name/Link Image Rating Price Output Capacity
JISULIFE Pocket Handheld Fan 4.5/5 stars $17.99 Cord required 2000 mAh
Outxe Mini Power Bank $35.99 10000 mAh
The Kube $21.99 1000 mAh




Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
Bulbasaur 5/5 stars $11.99 Detailed Rubber
Charmander 4.5/5 stars $11.99
Jigglypuff $11.99
Jigglypuff 5/5 stars $7.98 Flat
Pikachu 4.5/5 stars $14.99 Detailed Glass
Pikachu $12.95 Flat Metal
Pikachu 5/5 stars $11.99 Detailed Rubber
Pikachu 4.5/5 stars $9.95 Flat
Pikachu $7.99
Pikachu $7.99
Psyduck 5/5 stars $11.99 Detailed
Several 4.5/5 stars $14.67 Flat Metal
Several $11.95
Snorlax $14.99 Detailed Glass
Squirtle 5/5 stars $11.99 Rubber
Sword & Shield $9.99 Flat

Sonic the Hedgehog

Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
Sonic 4.5/5 stars $9.99 Detailed Plastic
Sonic $8.40 Flat Rubber
Sonic $13.99

Super Mario

Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
Mario 4.5/5 stars $7.99 Flat Rubber
Star $9.19
Toad $7.99 Metal

The Legend of Zelda

Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
Hylian Crest 4.5/5 stars $9.49 Flat Metal
Link $13.99 Detailed Plastic
Majora's Mask $14.70 Metal
Navi 4/5 stars $11.41 Flat
Shield & Sword 4.5/5 stars $8.99 Rubber


Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
Game Boy 3/5 stars $9.99 Detailed Plastic
N64 with Controller 4.5/5 stars $16.76 Rubber
NES with Controller 5/5 stars $21.19
PS1 4.5/5 stars $13.81 Flat Metal
PS1 with Controller $11.99 Detailed Metal (Painted)
SNES with Controller 5/5 stars $16.48 Rubber


Name/Link Image Rating Price Type Material
NES Controller 4.5/5 stars $8.89 Flat Metal (Painted)
NES Controller $13.35 Rubber
PS4 Controller $9.71 Metal