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Example {{phab|T1234}} link.

Example task T1234 link.

<templatedata> { "description": { "en": "Link to a Phabricator task (e.g. T1234)", "pl": "Link do zadania w Phabricator (np. do T1234)" }, "params": { "1": { "label": { "en": "Task ID", "pl": "ID zadania", "he": "מזהה משימה" }, "type": "string", "required": true, "description": { "en": "Task ID (TNNNNN) in Wikimedia's Phabricator", "pl": "ID zadania (w formacie TNNNNN) w Phabricator Wikimedii" }, "example": { "pl": "T1234", "en": "T1234" } } }, "format": "inline" } </templatedata>

See also

  • Template:Ll - right-floating box for specific tasks
  • Template:Ll - similar to [[phab:n]] but without the "T"
  • Template:Ll - page-top indicators for overall #projects and #tags
  • Template:Ll - similar to Ptag2 but displays the link inline