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FunKey Zero circuit board

Due to its integration of the screen and controls into the same shell rather than two as with the Keymu and FunKey S, the FunKey Zero is both wider and thinner than the other FunKey Team systems. Due to the 2017 discontinuation of the Intel Edison, the computer-on-module that the Keymu had used, an ARM Cortex-A7 with 64 MB of RAM was used instead. To replace the Intel Edison's built-in eMMC storage, a microSD card reader was integrated into the FunKey Zero, allowing a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB. While the screen used in the FunKey Zero had similar dimensions to that of its predecessor at 1.54 inches (39.1 mm) and still only refreshed at a rate of 20 FPS, its use of LCD IPS technology instead of OLED, in addition to a 240x240 rather than 128x128 resolution, made it substantially different. As the system was a prototype for the later FunKey S much of the hardware is the same between the two, however, differences include the FunKey Zero's inclusion of a headphone jack and its lack of a battery, Menu button, and the later improvements that allowed the FunKey S to attain a significantly higher refresh rate of 50 FPS.