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Published by Konami, the Contra Anniversary Collection includes 5 emulatable games, of which two are for the NES, one is for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), one is for the Game Boy, and one is for the SNES. It can be purchased on Steam for $19.99. As the collection's game ROM files are not accessible by default, they must be extracted before they can be put onto the FunKey S. To do this, begin by downloading the .NET framework and the Windows or Linux version of the MArchiveBtchTool utility. Next, extract the folder from the archived utility and place the collection's alldata.bin and alldata.psb.m files into it. If using Windows, navigate to the folder using the Command Prompt application and enter the command MArchiveBatchTool.exe fullunpack --keep alldata.psb.m zlib 25G/xpvTbsb+6 64. If using Linux, open the Shell application in the folder and enter the command ./MArchiveBatchTool fullunpack --keep alldata.psb.m zlib 25G/xpvTbsb+6 64. Lastly, locate the extracted ROM files in the \alldata.psb.m_extracted\system\roms location of your computer's file system and copy the ones you wish to use onto your FunKey S. Two arcade games, Contra and Super Contra, are also included in the collection, however, since they are not extractable via any known method, they are not included in the table below.