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Name of Game Link Genre Price System Release Type Game Art
2 in 1 Geminim/Siamond Link Puzzle $27.00 NES Unlicensed
8 BIT XMAS 2020 Link $48.00
Alien Cat 2 Link $35.00 Genesis
Almost Hero Link Beat 'em up $39.99 NES
Apocalypse II Link Shoot 'em up $29.99 SNES Licensed
Armed for Battle Link Strategy $40.00 NES Unlicensed
Basse Def Adventures Link Platformer €52.00
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Link $36.00
Battle Kid 2 Link $37.00
Billionaire Banshee Link Party $39.99
Chip's Challenge Link Puzzle $24.99 Genesis
Link $24.99 SNES
Chunkout 2 Link $25.00 NES
Coffee Crisis Link Beat 'em up $39.99 Genesis
Corn Buster Link Puzzle $29.99 SNES
Creeping it Reel Link Arcade $29.99 NES
Creepy Brawlers Link Fighting $39.99
Custodian Link Action $34.99 Genesis
Link $29.99 GBA
Debtor Link Platformer $35.00 Genesis
Draiocht Link Puzzle $39.99 NES
Expedition Link RPG $29.99
Exploding Fist Link Fighting $39.99
Eyra, the Crow Maiden Link Platformer $30.00
$30.00 Genesis
$30.00 SNES
Fork Parker's Crunch Out Link Simulation $39.99 SNES
FoxyLand Link Platformer $35.00 Genesis
Full Quiet Link Adventure $50.00 NES
Galactic Ascension Link Strategy $35.00
Generals of the Yang Family Link Fighting $34.99 Genesis
Haunted: Halloween '85 Link Beat 'em up $50.00 NES
Haunted: Halloween '86 Link $50.00
Insanity Link Action $20.00 PCE
Jim Power² Link $55.00 NES
$55.00 Genesis
$55.00 PCE (CD)
Justice Duel Link $34.99 NES
Little Lancelot Link Platformer $39.99
Little Medusa Link Puzzle $49.99
Link $39.99 Genesis
Link $39.99 SNES
Log Jammers Link Arcade $39.99 NES
Lucky Penguin Link Puzzle $39.99
Magic Pockets Link Platformer $59.99 Genesis
Mega 3D Noah's Ark² Link FPS $49.99
Mega Marble World Link Puzzle $24.99
Meteor Swarm Link Arcade $45.00 NES
More Glider Link Puzzle $45.00
Mr. Bloppy Saves the World Link Platformer $29.99 SNES
Mystic Origins Link Adventure $50.00 NES
Mystic Pillars Link Puzzle $36.00
Nighttime Bastards Link Adventure $35.00
Noah's Ark Link Platformer $39.99
Old Towers² Link Puzzle $39.99 SNES
Pinkie Link Platformer $34.99
Power Coloring Link Casual $45.00 NES
Pyramid Plunder Link Action $35.00 PCE
Pyramids of Ra Link Puzzle $39.99 NES
Quadralords Link Arcade $45.00
Quest Forge - By Order of Kings Link Adventure $42.50
Rainbow Brite: Journey To The Rainbow Land Link €39,90
Return of Double Dragon Link Fighting €49.99 SNES
Romeow & Julicat Link Puzzle $39.99 Genesis
Sitten Kitten Link $19.99 NES
Smiley and Smiley Link $25.00 Genesis
Solaris Link Shoot 'em up $45.00 NES
Spook-o’-tron Link Arcade $48.00
Study Hall Link Puzzle $33.00
Super NeSnake 2 Link $34.00
Swords and Runes Link RPG $45.00
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Link Adventure $40.00 SNES
Tanzer Link Run and gun $39.99 Genesis
The Humans Link Puzzle $34.99 SNES Licensed
Thunderbolt II Link Shoot 'em up $39.99 Genesis Unlicensed
Twelve Seconds Link Puzzle $45.00 NES
Tyrannosaurus Tex Link FPS $34.99 GBC
Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter Link Fighting $19.99 SNES