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Name of Game Link Archetype Genre Game Art
Airaki!¹ Link
Alien Planet Link
Augury Red Code Link
Auto Zone Link
Bandits at Zero Link
Blastah Link
Blobz Link
Brickster Link
Burly Bear vs. The Mean Foxes Link
Chunk Out Link
Circular Canon Link
Coffee Drop Link
Columns DX Link
Combat Soccer Link
Cuthbert in the Cooler Link
Crazy Zone Link
Deep Scan Link
Dichotomy Link
Drymouth Link
Dyna Mate Link
Elemental Fighter Link
Escape Obliterizer Deluxe Link
Fatal Flame Link
FGB Link
Final Blade Link
Firegear Link
Fireman Link
Frode Link
Frox Link
GB Rubik's Slide Link
Geometrix Link
G-Man Link
Gun Law Link
InitialD Link
Infinitron Link
Invasion DX Link
Iron Hike Link
JetPak DX Link
Jumping Jack Link
Keystone Kapers Link
Klondike Link
Liberator Link
Mainblow Link
Marcbla 3D Link
Maze Link
MazezaM Link
Mines Link Minesweeper
Mona and the Witch's Hat Deluxe Link
Moon Fighter Link
Mr. Dig Link
Outer Space Scramble Link
Pakus Link
Panik!16 Link
PaZeek Link
Perplex DX Link
Petris Link
Pie Crust Link
PlanetX Link
Pogo Pete Breaks the Commodore 16 Link
Proxima Link
Q*Bert Link
Quadrop Link
Rig Attack Link
Ropes & Bombs Link
Rotagraph Link
Scramble Link
Serpent Apocalypse Link
Snake Link Snake
Sneaky Snakes Link Snake
Space Mission DX Link
Sqrxz Link
Stalker Link
Star Heritage Link
Super Imposter Bros. Link
The Horrible Demon 2 Link
The Horrible Demon 3 Link
Tobu Tobu Girl DX Link
Tochi Link
Tridball Link
Turbo RC Racing Link
Turtle Puzzle Link
Tyrian 2000 Link
uCity Link
Ultima III Link
Video Poker Link
Wall Defence Link
Where's My Cake? Link
Willy Wonderworm Link
Wizard of Wor Link
Word-O Link Wordle
Wordyl Link
World Cup Link
Zirconia - The Mysterious Planet Link