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This article lists utility programs that can be emulated on the FunKey S. Utilities are currently divided into five categories: Creative, Emulation, Media, Text, and Other. Creative utilities include drawing programs and music-making programs; emulation utilities allow the user to emulate a system not natively emulated on the FunKey S using a system that is; media utilities include photo viewers, music players, and video players; text utilities include text display software, eBook readers, and text editors; and other includes any utilities that cannot be categorized using one of the primary categories. There are currently 31 utilities listed, comprising 4 Calculation utilities, 8 Creative utilities, 4 Emulation utilities, 7 Media utilities, 5 Text utilities, and 3 Other utilities. There are also 19 public domain eBooks listed in either (or both) Game Boy or Game Boy Advance ROM format. As the Game Boy Advance utilities highlighted in yellow are not emulated accurately in the default FunKey S Game Boy Advance emulator, they should be used with a third-party emulator instead.