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Emulator Host System Notes Source Compiler
Name Emulated System
Foon ZX Spectrum GBA Link Download
Frotz Z-Machine Link Download
GB-8 Chip-8 GB Out of all the Game Boy emulators available for the FunKey S, as GB-8 is fully-incompatible with gnuboy (the default Game Boy emulator) and Gearboy, and only partially-compatible with mGBA, it should be emulated on the FunKey S using Gambatte. Additionally, while users are able to compile their own version of GB-8 via the source files linked-to on the right, as this process is quite complicated, the editors of The FunKey Wiki have hand-picked and compiled the most functional of the available CHIP-8 games for the convenience of users. Note that as the emulator requires the use of a Select + Start + A + B button combination, a KEY file that frees up the FN+A and FN+B button combinations has been bundled with the pre-configured emulator ROM file. Link Download
PocketBeeb BBC Micro GBA Emulates SSD format BBC Micro disc image files and UEF format save states. "Fat Pixel" and "Teletext" emulation is imperfect, several complex games such as Elite are incompatible, and tape emulation is not implemented. Link Download