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  • At least one minute in length. Short video segments have the potential of inadequately demonstrating how accurately games are emulated. Although not strictly required, it is also recommended that gameplay segments focus on actual gameplay, rather than introductory cutscenes and/or dialogue sequences. As long as the length of a video segment meets or exceeds the one minute minimum, however, for the purposes of the lists below it can be rounded to the nearest fifteen seconds.
  • Representative of the capabilities of one of the device's official emulators. As unofficial emulators may be experimental and/or incomplete, they should not be used to demonstrate the device's capabilities. Should an unofficially emulated system have a highly-compatible third-party option that is not officially implemented for several months, it may be considered for exemption from this rule.
  • Representative of a compatible, fully-playable game. A list of games that are not fully-playable out of the box on the FunKey S can be found here. To properly demonstrate a game's compatibility, FunKey S gameplay of it should be clear and centered in the video, with game audio clearly audible throughout (unless a temporary audio cut is required in the case of one or more licensed songs).
  • Of a non-homebrew game. To keep the lists as compact and relevant to a general audience as possible, only video recordings of originally licensed games should be listed here. If you wish to request an exemption to this rule for a specific game, contact the wiki admin.