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In addition to the incompatibilities numerated above, at least 19 multi-pak, 8 GBA Video, 16 homebrew, and 1 event-only games have also been found to be incompatible due to faulty emulation. While for a variety of reasons these games are not included in the main numerical counts, they are still listed below for the sake of completeness. To differentiate them, they are have been both highlighted as a means of recognizing them and marked on in the leftmost column as a means of sorting them. A set of icons above the table serves as a legend for the associated colors and markings. As the multi-pak incompatibilities listed below are due to incompatible methods of 'multi-packing', games within these multi-paks are usually compatible if played separately. Lastly, Game Gear games ported from the Master System that are incompatible due to associated emulation glitches that render them entirely unplayable are listed in a subsection below (otherwise, such games are listed in a prior section of the article). If you find that the list is missing a game or that one of the games listed works as intended, feel free to edit the list yourself or inform the wiki admin!