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Games that require a configuration file[edit source]

The PAL versions of the following NES games have severe graphical glitches due to being emulated in NTSC mode by default. To fix this issue, download and extract the associated game's CFG file from its ZIP archive, and placed it in the /mnt/FunKey/.fceux/cfg location of the FunKey S file system. If you don't see the .fceux folder, your computer's Unix-based operating system is hiding hidden folders. To enable the viewing of such folders on MacOS, use the Shift+Cmd+Period key combination. To do so on ChromeOS, click the three-dot icon at the top-right of the Files application and select the Show hidden folders option. Once this is done, ensure that the names of the game's CFG and ROM files match and that any pre-existing configuration files for the game are deleted. The game will subsequently be emulated in PAL mode, enabling PAL timings and full-compatibility. Should you prefer to skip this process by simply using a game's NTSC version instead, games with that option available have been marked below.

Game Article Glitch(es) NTSC Alternative? CFG File
Elite Link
Severe graphical glitches
No Download
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge Link Yes Download
Sped up audio