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This section lists patches that restore game functionality originally implemented via unemulated system or game add-on hardware. Games that require the patch to be fully-compatible with the FunKey S are highlighted in green. As the patches for Boktai 2, Boktai 3, and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble implement button combinations that interfere with FunKey S system shortcuts, they also require adapted controls to be fully-compatible. Should your backup of either of the first two Boktai games not be the retail North American versions, patch files for other variants of those games are available here. Should the WarioWare: Twisted! patch not function properly with your backup of the game, ensure that your game's CRC32 checksum value matches the one listed here. Lastly, while the patches for the Game Boy Color games below make the respective games believe they are being emulated on a Game Boy Advance to enable additional features, as they are still Game Boy Color games, they should be placed into the Game Boy Color folder of the FunKey S. For Yoshi's Safari, it is recommended to center-align the cursor after returning to the overworld map to facilitate level selection.