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This article lists third-party OPK-format applications built for the FunKey S. Freely downloadable from this page, these applications allow users to add additional functionalities to their devices. Note, however, that as the device's Instant Action autosave feature is implemented on a program-by-program basis, users must remember to manually save their progress in any third-party program that hasn't implemented the Instant Action feature. Also note that while many devices use OPK as an application format, only OPK applications compiled specifically for the FunKey S are compatible with it. Once a FunKey S OPK application is downloaded, it can be installed by simply placing it in a folder at the root of the device's file system, with the Applications, Emulators, and Native games folders available by default for file management. Applications available for download on this page are organized as they would be accessed from the Gmenu2x launcher — into the following three groups: