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Once this is done, eject the FunKey S and navigate to the SET THEME section of the RetroFE menu. To make the new theme appear on the theme list, switch RetroFE to a different theme than the current one. Once you return to the theme list after this, the new theme will be listed alongside the default ones. If your device's screen goes black upon changing to the new theme, there is an issue with that theme's files. To remove the theme, and thus allow the device to default to the Classic theme, begin by booting the device into recovery mode by closing it, reopening it, and immediately pressing down the FN and Start buttons simultaneously until the FunKey S logo and a wrench and screwdriver icon appears on the screen. Once you see the word INFO in the top left corner, press the down button once to change it to USB MOUNT. After plugging the device into your computer, press the A button to mount the device to your computer and navigate to the /mnt/FunKey/.retrofe/layouts file location. After deleting the new theme's folder and reverting the changes made to the layouts.list file, press the A button again to unmount the FunKey S from your computer (if you are using a Mac, you will need to first eject the device from the computer). Once the device is closed and reopened once more, it will boot back into RetroFE, defaulting to the Classic theme.