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System buttons
FN shortcuts

The system has thirteen buttons built into it: four directional buttons, four action buttons, two shoulder buttons, a START button, and two system buttons: Menu and Fn. Centered at the top of the control panel, the Menu button serves two purposes: a short press activates the system menu, allowing the user to modify settings or return to the main menu, while a long press turns the system on or off. Sharing a button with SELECT, the Fn (Function) input extends the system's limited button count via the use of button combinations. In conjunction with the shoulder buttons, Fn activates the L2 and R2 trigger inputs of the PlayStation, while its use with the directional and action buttons grants access to the volume, brightness, zoom, aspect ratio, and screenshot shortcuts. While this functionality does in rare cases override button combinations used by games, each such case can be solved by the device's per-game or per-console button remapping capabilities. In addition to the white or grey buttons installed by default, packaged with the FunKey S are green, blue, red, and yellow button sets that the user may use to further personalize their device.