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If the files from multiple disks of a PlayStation game are added to the FunKey S, they will all appear in the game list, complicating game library navigation and disk transferring. To merge all of these files into a single PBP file, you will need both the PSX2PSP application and the copyrighted BASE.PBP file, which must be added to the Files folder of that application. Once this is done, open the application with the Clasic mode shortcut and select the Options button at the bottom left. This will open a page with various application settings, of which you should change the Compression level to 1 (worst) and the toc setting to CUE File. Once this is done, save the setting modifications to return to the main program interface. From here, press the three dot icon next to ISO/PBP File 1 - No file selected at the top left and select the BIN file of the first disk. Repeat this process for each subsequent disk by selecting the arrow icon to the left of the aforementioned three dot icon, selecting each disk number in turn. Once this process is complete, select the folder on your system where you wish the PBP file to be saved to and press the Convert button at the bottom of the program window. Once the conversion process is finished, navigate to the completed EBOOT.PBP file, rename it, and place it into the PS1 folder of the FunKey S.