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As the game library file sizes of all the cartridge-based consoles emulated on the FunKey S add up to only 13.4 GB, a user could, in theory, have thousands of games on their FunKey S without needing to upgrade its 32 gigabyte MicroSD card (with 27.8 gigabytes of this being accessible with the factory configuration). Since CD-based games (PlayStation, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD) have significantly larger file sizes than cartridge-based games, only fifty to sixty CD-based games could fit on the FunKey S before a larger MicroSD card would be needed. While 27.8 gigabytes of available storage is more than enough to fit the game libraries of most users, any user with more than fifty CD-based games should check the total file size of their game library to see whether or not they require a larger MicroSD card. The chart below documents the average game file sizes for each of the thirteen consoles that the FunKey S officially emulates, with several file size totals corresponding to theoretical game libraries that have the same number of games from each system. As illustrated by the proportions listed below, the number of games a user can fit onto their FunKey S is directly related to the number of CD-based games present in their game library. For instance, the average PlayStation game takes up the same amount of space as approximately 2,566 NES games, 2,277 Master System games, 1,395 TurboGrafx-16 games, 433 Sega Genesis games, 2,740 Game Boy games, 2,667 Atari Lynx games, 1,717 Game Gear games, 363 SNES games, 414 Game Boy Color games, 368 Neo Geo Pocket games, 313 WonderSwan games, or 78 Game Boy Advance games.

System Avg. ROM Size Proportion Number of Games Each
NES / Famicom 220.85 KB 0.04% 15
(195 overall)
(390 overall)
(585 overall)
Sega Master System 248.90 KB 0.04%
TG-16 / PC Engine 406.29 KB 0.07%
Genesis / Mega Drive 1.31 MB 0.22%
Game Boy 206.78 KB 0.04%
Atari Lynx 212.50 KB 0.04%
Game Gear 329.97 KB 0.06%
SNES / Super Famicom 1.56 MB 0.27%
PlayStation 566.67 MB 97.17%
Game Boy Color 1.37 MB 0.23%
NGP / NGPC 1.54 MB 0.26%
WS / WSC 1.81 MB 0.31%
Game Boy Advance 7.31 MB 1.25%
Total 583.20 MB 100.00% 8.75 GB 17.50 GB 26.24 GB