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From left to right: Atomic Purple, Original Purple, Retro Grey

The FunKey S is a foldable portable emulation device that is designed to fit onto a keychain. Through emulators on its FunKey-OS operating system, the FunKey S can emulate a wide variety of systems, including the Sega Genesis, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance. Greatly resembling the larger Game Boy Advance SP, the FunKey S is currently sold in three colors: Original Purple, Retro Grey, and Atomic Purple. While the device includes a 32 gigabyte MicroSD card by default to store system firmware and any software the user wishes to install onto their device, this can be swapped out by the user with MicroSD cards up to the two terabyte limit of the MicroSDXC standard. To facilitate attaching the device to a keychain, the FunKey S has a metallic needle built into the bottom left corner of the device around which an included keychain lanyard is tied.