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Cette page répertorie les speedruns qui ont été réalisés sur la FunKey S. Tant que les critères énumérés ci-dessous ont été respectés, tout coureur peut ajouter ses propres speedruns FunKey S à cette page.

Critères de qualification

All speedruns present on this page must:

  • Be played on the FunKey S.
  • Adhere to the requirements at least one of the categories listed for that game on the website.
  • Have a publicly-accessible video recording. It must be clear from the recording that the game is being played in real-time, rather than a video playback of a pre-existing speedrun. Suggested methods of accomplishing this are showing the game being loaded from the RetroFE menu prior to the start of the speedrun and/or showing the FunKey S controls being used at some point during the run. The device's screen must also be visible on-screen at all times.

If a speedrun meets all of the criteria listed above, it may be listed on this page. The speedrunner may do this themselves or ask a wiki editor to do so for them. Elements such as commentary, on-screen timers, and aspect ratio are up to the preference of each runner. For the sake of record preservation, even if a runner beats a previous run of theirs in the same category, the original run(s) should remain listed on that category's leaderboard. Conversely, a runner should only post a run if it is or was at some point their personal best in the specified category.


This section lists games that have at least one recorded speedrun completed using the FunKey S. Each game has subsections that denote which category each speedrun qualifies under.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Place Runner Time Video
1st CoolieCoolster 3:42:42 Link
--- CoolieCoolster 4:07:03 Link