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The Translation Center contains information about translating the FunKey Wiki and translations that have been made up until this point. Translations on the FunKey Wiki are done on a case by case basis for each page by someone who understands the target language. While the initial use of automatic translation is allowed and encouraged, such translations should be revised for accuracy prior to publication on the FunKey Wiki. If a translator has translated the text of a page but doesn't know how to add the translation to the wiki, they may ask a wiki editor to implement it for them.

If you have a question about wiki translation or would like to translate a page, you may enter your inquiry into the text box below and select the "New section" button. This will automatically create a new section on this page's talk page, in which you may further specify your question or mention which page you wish to translate into what language. When you are finished entering the details of your inquiry, select the "Save changes" button below the input field. If you wish to be notified when your inquiry has been answered, you are encouraged to first log in and subsequently sign your post with ~~~~. If you are not logged in or have notifications disabled, be sure to return to this page's talk page periodically to see if your inquiry has been answered.

For a more immediate reply to your inquiry, it is suggested that you ask it on the FunKey S Discord server or to one of the wiki editors on that server instead.

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